About Our Staff

Leaf Medic is a company created in 2018 to serve the Ohio medical cannabis industry. It began as licensed vocational school accredited and approved by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (OSBCCS). Leaf Medic was the second OSBCCS approved school to provide cannabis education in Ohio. In May of 2019, Leaf Medic expanded into Michigan, forming the first licensed cannabis vocational school in the state. In spring of 2022, Leaf Medic was converted to a training company dropping it’s licensed school status. Leaf Medic partners with multi-state operators as well as individual license holders in providing quality and accessibility in employee education and training.

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Dr. Korn has been a teacher, researcher, and educational leader for over two decades. Her academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of Cincinnati, DAAP, a master’s degree in anthropology from Indiana University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership in Higher Education from the University of Dayton. For five years, Dr. Korn served as the academic head and curriculum designer for the School of Advertising Art/Modern College of Design in Kettering, Ohio, where multiple cohorts of graduates achieved 100% placement in their chosen professional fields.

In preparation for the creation of this curriculum, Dr. Korn completed training for the Patient Focused Certification Core Cannabis Training certificate, Patient Focused Care Verified Professional Curriculum certificate, Patient Focused Care Staff Training Program for Distribution Operations certificate, and the CCC Patient and Caregiver Education certificate from Americans for Safe Access. She also completed The Answer Page Medical Marijuana Training for Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, and TMCI Global Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum in 2018, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians Medical Cannabis Clinical Training Curriculum in 2021.

Karen partners with Char Gamble of Emerald Consulting in South Dakota assisting with license applications, writing standard operating procedures, employee policies, employee handbooks and other compliance related materials.

Her dedication to the Ohio, Michigan and South Dakota cannabis communities and her ample experience in teaching and instructional design make her uniquely qualified as an educator in the medical cannabis industry.

Cathleen Graham Cannabis Nurse Michigan Medical Marijuana




Cathleen is an experienced Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse who served as Regional Service Ops Manager for one of the nation’s largest hospice programs. With more than twenty years’ experience in health care, she is an internationally-respected speaker, having been awarded Americans for Safe Access’s Medical Professional of the Year in 2019. Cathleen is an experienced cannabis educator, leader in the field of end-of-life care and an expert on medical cannabis. She serves as an educational resource for physicians, staff & community agencies.

Cathleen is Founder/CEO of Cathleen S. Graham, Integrative Education. Her earlier cannabis ventures include being Founder/CEO of Cannabis Nurse, a holistic education and consulting company specializing in cannabis information, as well as the Michigan Cannabis Education Network, a community-based cannabis education company. Cathleen has several county contracts to provide cannabis education to Michigan communities.

Cathleen brings Dianna DeVreugd, experienced cannabis grower and cannabis care consultant to Leaf Medic in a curriculum review capacity. Dianna’s dedication to cannabis research and best practices in patient/customer care are an outstanding resource for budtenders and patients alike.

We are proud to have Cathleen and Dianna on the Leaf Medic team!