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Dr. Korn has been a teacher, researcher, and educational leader for over two decades. Her academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of Cincinnati, DAAP, a master’s degree in anthropology from Indiana University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership in Higher Education from the University of Dayton. For five years, Dr. Korn served as the academic head and curriculum designer for the School of Advertising Art/Modern College of Design in Kettering, Ohio, where multiple cohorts of graduates achieved 100% placement in their chosen professional fields.

In preparation for the creation of this curriculum, Dr. Korn completed training for the Patient Focused Certification Core Cannabis Training certificate, Patient Focused Care Verified Professional Curriculum certificate, Patient Focused Care Staff Training Program for Distribution Operations certificate, and the CCC Patient and Caregiver Education certificate from Americans for Safe Access. She also completed The Answer Page Medical Marijuana training for Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, and TMCI Global Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum in 2018, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians Medical Cannabis Clinical Training Curriculum in 2021. Previously, her education in medical cannabis came from travel and time spent in Colorado between 2012 and 2016. Dr. Korn serves on the board of Compassionate Alternatives, a non-profit organized to provide educational and financial support to patients in need. Her dedication to the Ohio and Michigan cannabis communities and her ample experience in teaching and instructional design make her uniquely qualified as an educator in the medical cannabis industry.

Cathleen Graham Cannabis Nurse Michigan Medical Marijuana




Cathleen is an experienced Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse who served as Regional Service Ops Manager for one of the nation’s largest hospice programs. With more than twenty years’ experience in health care, she is an internationally-respected speaker, having been awarded Americans for Safe Access’s Medical Professional of the Year in 2019. Cathleen is an experienced cannabis educator, leader in the field of end-of-life care and an expert on medical cannabis. She serves as an educational resource for physicians, staff & community agencies.

Cathleen is Founder/CEO of Cathleen S. Graham, Integrative Education. Her earlier cannabis ventures include being Founder/CEO of Cannabis Nurse, a holistic education and consulting company specializing in cannabis information, as well as the Michigan Cannabis Education Network, a community-based cannabis education company. Cathleen has several county contracts to provide cannabis education to Michigan communities.

Cathleen brings Dianna DeVreugd, experienced cannabis grower and cannabis care consultant to Leaf Medic in a curriculum review capacity. Dianna’s dedication to cannabis research and best practices in patient/customer care are an outstanding resource for budtenders and patients alike.

We are proud to have Cathleen and Dianna on the Leaf Medic team!

Leaf Medic Advisory Board Members

Wendy Chorny, PT, DPT, ATC, MTC
Wendy Chorny Functional Physical Therapy

Wendy Chorny treats patients with a myriad of chronic pain conditions that could be improved with access to medical cannabis. Her expertise in treating patients with illnesses like Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, as well as injuries, enhances Leaf Medic’s understanding and approach to training in medical cannabis use for treatment of pain. Wendy is excited to work with patients who employ medical cannabis as a treatment modality.

Suzanne Croteau, DO
Homeopathic Osteopathic Family Center
Patient Focus Medical Marijuana Physicians 

Suzanne Croteau is a seasoned medical doctor who has treated patients using a combined medical and complementary medical approach to healing for over 3 decades. She has received the appropriate training to be certified to recommend for medical cannabis patients in the state of Ohio, and has served as an essential medical content advisory resource for Leaf Medic.

Sheila Humphrey-Craig
Harm Reduction Ohio

Sheila is the Director for the Dayton chapter of Harm Reduction Ohio. She has watched the opioid epidemic bloom for seven years receiving a personal education through her own son’s struggle. Currently, she dispenses Fentanyl test strips targeting the drug using population. Through her work, she has encountered many patients who have used cannabis to assist with PAWS (post acute withdrawal symptoms). She advocates for the legalization and regulation of drugs of all kinds, in an attempt to save lives.

Dianna DeVreugd

Since 1999, Dianna has been dedicating her life to the service of others as a Customer Service Specialist in the restaurant and hospitality field. An experienced caregiver in Michigan, Dianna’s extensive knowledge surrounding cannabis was driven by the needs of not only herself, but also her family and friends. Since 2012, Dianna has received numerous cannabis certifications including a Master Certificate from the Cannabis Training University,  an Understanding the Endocannabinoid System Certificate, and the Leaf Medic Cannabis Certificate. She carries her passion for cannabis education and customer service in her new role as the Director of Customer Service for Cannabis Nurse and advisor to Leaf Medic.

Kelly Schlotterbeck
Registered Respiratory Therapist –  Miami Valley Hospital

Kelly Schlotterbeck’s knowledge and experience in respiratory care affords Leaf Medic access to expert interpretations and understandings of various challenges that medical cannabis patients may face when incorporating cannabis medicine into their treatment protocols.

Emilie Ramach
Founder, Compassionate Alternatives

Emilie Ramach is the Founder & CEO of Compassionate Alternatives. Driven by past personal health adversity, she has been a cannabis reform activist for the past decade. Emilie has been involved with various political campaigns and committees, patient education, and legislative policy discussions. As a mother, she focuses primarily on the research and advocacy of the benefits of pediatric use. Emilie is honored to use her knowledge to educate parents, patients, and medical professionals on the many benefits of medical cannabis. Emilie also serves as the Director of Retail Marketing for Terrasana Cannabis Co.

Connie Maxim-Sparrow                                                                                           

Principal, Sparrow Consulting, LLC

Connie is the founder of Sparrow Consulting, and serves a principal for the organization.  With over 30 years of experience, Connie has had the opportunity to experience success in many areas of business and public administration. She has secured over 40 million dollars in grant funds to support healthcare, urban planning, blight elimination, safety, emergency management, port development, transportation, recreation, public health, and community development. Beyond grant administration and fund development, Connie has spent several years in risk and emergency management, occupational health and safety, emergency medical services, risk management, compliance, and accreditation. Connie maintains certification from Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Engagement Agency, Michigan OSHA, and other compliance entities.