Cannabis Education Provider Leaf Medic Joins Forces with MaryJane Agency

MaryJane Agency Ohio medical cannabis job placement assistance leaf medic

OCT 29, 2018 – On the eve of the launch of the medical marijuana program in Ohio, Dayton based Cannabis Education Provider Leaf Medic, LLC and MaryJane Agency announce the addition of online eLearning courses in support of the entire state for Ohio Medical Marijuana businesses.

MaryJane Agency provides employers in the Ohio medical marijuana space access to hundreds of job candidates, resume counseling, background checks, video interviews and now, online preparatory training for entry level work in a medical cannabis dispensary.

“I am thrilled to announce, after searching a year for the right educational company to train our employees, MaryJane Agency is partnering with Leaf Medic Cannabis Care Consultants to offer comprehensive training designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. Leaf Medic courses are doctor approved, can be completed on a phone, tablet or laptop, and have been created by a team of experienced educators specifically for the Ohio medical cannabis program. I’ve personally met this wonderful group of individuals at Leaf Medic and have the utmost confidence and respect for their mission.” said Robin Ann Morris, CEO of MaryJane Agency, an employment staffing company located in Sandusky, Ohio.

Following the successful completion of the Leaf Medic Dispensary Basics online course, candidates practice interviewing and customer service engagement by video with MaryJane Agency. MaryJane Agency maintains a database of hundreds of candidates currently available with cannabis industry experience from Ohio, Colorado & California seeking employment in dispensaries, cultivation sites, processing facilities, clinician’s office’s, and in an administrative capacity for a variety of ancillary businesses.

Ensuring all candidates are educated on the Ohio Revised Code and the specific requirements of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is central to the mission of the MaryJane Agency and to make sure the MaryJane employee is the most prepared and vetted candidate for the job.

Leaf Medic offers a comprehensive Continuing Education curriculum, where MaryJane Agency dispensary employees have the opportunity to complete the entirety of their required two-year continuing education hours in a convenient and engaging manner.

Currently, Leaf Medic curriculum designers are working on courses for entry level employment in processing and ancillary businesses like medical marijuana clinics and other medical practices.

MaryJane Agency can be found at: http://maryjaneagency.us

For more details contact robin (at) maryjaneagency.us or call 419-502-6334. To talk to Leaf Medic CEO Karen Korn, email karen (at) mmjtraining.com, or call 937-684-0464.