Cannabis Consumers and COVID-19: How to Stay Safe By Karen Korn, PhD & Cathleen S. Graham, RN CHPN The coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, creating social panic and prompting the spread of misinformation. People are advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) to stay away from population centers and to limit social encounters. […]

When one door slams, another one opens. Dayton.com Interview with Karen Korn and Audra Sparks   Karen Korn found a career in marijuana when she walked through that open door. Karen tells “What Had Happened Was” podcast host Amelia Robinson how being booted out of a job propelled her and her business partner Audra Sparks to open Leaf Medic, […]

Confused about Ohio’s medical use cannabis laws? So were we! We invited local entrepreneurs and owners of Leaf Medic to discuss what’s going on with Ohio laws. Karen Korn and Audra Sparks formed Leaf Medic to provide medical cannabis education to those seeking employment in the industry, registered cannabis patients, and medical professionals. The goal of Leaf […]