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I am hereby enrolling in the following academic program and my enrollment is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this enrollment agreement.

Program Name: Dispensary Basics                                         

Start Date: 

Program length: 25 Clock Hours. This program is normally completed within 100 calendar days. 

Tuition and Fees for Current Term:

Introductory Training

Introductory training is priced at $499 per person. This includes the initial 25 hours of online programming and assessments. The certificate granted at the completion of this training is good for two years.

Tuition Payment Schedule

All tuition and fees are payable prior to engagement with online course materials. A user agreement must also be signed by clicking “agree,” prior to launch. This user agreement explains copyright and usage rules for any student engaging with Leaf Medic curriculum. Tuition and fee charges are subject to change at the schools’ discretion. Any tuition or fee increases will become effective for the school term following student notification of the increase.

Cancellation and Settlement Policy

The enrollment agreement may be canceled within five calendar days after the date of signing provided that the school is notified of the cancellation in writing. If such cancellation is made, the school will promptly refund in full all tuition and fees paid pursuant to the enrollment agreement and the refund shall be made no later than thirty days after cancellation. This provision shall not apply if the student has already started an online course.

Refund Policy

If the student does not log in to the training program, and the student indicates they are not interested in completing the training, all monies paid by the student shall be refunded. Students are expected to take no more than *100 days to complete their initial training program. Each continuing education credit carries an expectation of completion within 30 days of purchase.   

There is one (1) academic term for this program that is 25 clock-hours in length. Leaf Medic charges no registration fee. Students purchase classes individually. Continuing education units are added by students in an individual, a la carte fashion and are subject to the same refund policies as the Dispensary Basics curriculum.

Refunds for tuition and refundable fees shall be made in accordance with following provisions as established by Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-10:

(1) A student who withdraws before beginning the program shall receive a full refund of their tuition.

(2) A student who starts class and withdraws before the academic term is 15% complete (15 days post purchase or 1.5 Lessons of Dispensary Basics) will be obligated for 25% of the tuition and refundable fees.

(3) A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 15% complete (day 15 or 1.5 Lessons) but before the academic term is 25% complete (day 25 or 2.5 Lessons), will be obligated for 50% of the tuition.

(4) A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 25% complete (day 25 or 2.5 Lessons) but before the academic term is 40% complete (day 40 or 4 Lessons) will be obligated for 75% of the tuition.

(5) A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 40% completed (day 40 or 4 Lessons) will not be entitled to a refund of the tuition and fees.

The school shall make the appropriate refund within thirty days of the date the school is able to determine that a student has withdrawn or has been terminated from a program. Refunds shall be based upon the last date of a student’s attendance or participation in an academic school activity on the institution’s website.

Complaint or Grievance Procedure

All student complaints should be first directed to the school personnel involved via email or telephone. Please allow 48 hours for response to an email inquiry. If no resolution is forthcoming, a written complaint shall be submitted to Karen Korn, Executive Director. Whether or not the problem or complaint has been resolved to his/her satisfaction by the school, the student may direct any problem or complaint to the Executive Director, State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, 30 East Broad Street, Suite 2481, Columbus, Ohio, 43215, Phone 614-466-2752; toll free 877-275-4219.

Official Employment Disclaimer

Leaf Medic courses serve the Ohio medical marijuana industry. This industry is regulated by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program and overseen by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy and the Ohio Department of Commerce. Leaf Medic certificate holders, while qualified to do dispensary work, are not guaranteed job placement. Employment is subject to the successful launch of all levels of the Ohio Medical Marijuana program. As a Leaf Medic student, I acknowledge that I have been made aware of the contingency of the successful launch of this program in order for my training to yield potential employment. I do not hold Leaf Medic LLC responsible for my employment.   

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